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Resource Documents

2015 HECSE Doctoral Program Results

Please click on the link above to access the results of the 2015 survey that describes doctoral programs of HECSE member institutions. Created by Jennifer Freeman.

GAO Report on Federal Role in Teacher Preparation 2009

The U.S. Government Accountability Office examines the activities of multiple federal offices that support teacher education for instructing students with disabilities and English language learners . The report recommends greater coordination across offices to promote achievement in the general education classroom.

The Horizon Report 2008 Edition

The annual Horizon Report by the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative examines the technology tools poised to have the greatest effect on education within the next five years. These tools are organized into adoption horizons by estimated timeframes during which the technology will enter mainstream use. Six technology types are highlighted with examples of each type.

Teacher Quality in a Changing Policy Landscape: Improvements in the Teacher Pool

Revisiting a previous analysis of Praxis test scores in 1999, this report by Drew Gitomer and sponsored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) reanalyzes the pass rates and academic profiles of test takers. Findings indicate that Praxis passing rates have decreased substantially while academic profiles of Praxis test takers have improved.

Reading First Impact Study: Interim Report

This April 2008 report by the Institute for Education Sciences highlights impact findings on Reading First effectiveness. No significant differences were observed in reading comprehension scores across the participating sites despite an increase in class time addressing the five essential components of reading and regardless of experience with the intervention.

Waiting to be Won Over: Teachers Speak on the Profession, Unions, and Reform

This 2008 report by Ann Duffett, Steve Farkas, Andrew J. Rotherham, and Elena Silva and sponsored by Education Sector and the Joyce Foundation analyzes a survey completed by 1,010 teachers about their feelings in regard to various educational reforms such as accountability measures, tenure, differential pay, and workplace environment. Overall, teachers were open to reforms but felt that their interests were often best served through organized unions with increasing numbers of teachers indicating that union membership was necessary.

The Study of Special Education Leadership Personnel with Particular Attention to the Professoriate

This 2001 report by Deborah Smith, Georgine Pion, Naomi Tyler, Paul Sindelar and Michael Rosenberg describes the findings of a national study funded by the U. S. Office of Special Education Programs of the supply f and demand for individuals with doctoral degrees in special education. The study found a serious shortages of new doctoral graduates compared with the number of available faculty positions in the field due to relatively few doctoral programs and low numbers of enrolled students.